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Las Vegas Apartments

A Strong Rental Market Makes It A Good Time to Buy

The cost of renting is going up in markets across the country, as the number of available rental units shrinks. According to investment research firm Marcus & Millichap, apartment vacancies fell 0.8 percentage points to a national vacancy rate of

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Spring Cleaning of Las Vegas Luxury Home: 5 tips to Deal with Dust Mites

Luxury Homes Las Vegas Cleaning – You may think the air in your home is clean, but according to the EPA, indoor air in the home is one of the top five environmental hazards. Particulate matter found in the typical

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Pending Luxury Homes of Las Vegas Home Sales Increase and Mortgage Rates Hold Steady

Las Vegas Luxury Homes: More real estate contracts were signed in January than in months past; what’s more, all regions of the country except the West reported a healthy increase in the number of pending home sales. While the

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Will Mortgage Rates Rise for Luxury Homes of Las Vegas?

Luxury Homes Las Vegas – A few months ago mortgage rates hit historic lows, but now rates are on a slow climb. Will higher interest rates have an effect on Luxury Housing affordability? Are historic low mortgage rates history?

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Las Vegas Luxury Homes: Ruling spells out limits on HOA superpriority liens

Las Vegas Luxury Homes: The Nevada Real Estate Division issued an opinion this week that a home-owners association’s superpriority lien is limited to no more than nine months of assessments. The association’s lien does not include “costs of

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Are You Ready To Be Las Vegas Luxury Homes Buyer?

You may have thought about buying Luxury Las Vegas Home once or considered it for a long time, but how do you know you’re truly ready? It’s important to evaluate your current situation and mentally anticipate and prepare for the Real Estate purchase process and journey; after all, it will be the biggest and most important purchase in your lifetime.

Las Vegas Luxury Homes

Las Vegas Luxury Homes

First, ask yourself what you really want.  A question like that can be trivial and broad but there are some questions you might not have considered yet like: Are you planning to move to a new community because of a change in lifestyle? Is buying an option and not a requirement? What would you like in a home that you do not have now? What is your purchasing time-frame?

Another big question is: Do you have the money? Most of us don’t have tons of cash sitting in our bank account so financing is a common action. Financing is defined as the difference between the purchase price and the down payment, known as debt or the mortgage. Closing costs, the final costs associated with closing a loan, are another thing buyers may overlook. You may purchase with little or no money down, but that means you should be prepared to have higher monthly mortgage payments, which is why most homebuyers choose to buy with some cash up front. Don’t forget, to qualify for little or no money down you need good credit. For at least one year prior to your Luxury Home purchase, you should make sure that every rent check, car payment, credit card bill and all other debts are paid in full and on time.

The key to making the Luxury Home-buying process easier and more understandable is planning and working with a good Real Estate agent. Knowledge and experience is the key to successful Real Estate transactions.

Help in your search or selling your home?

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Should I invest in my Las Vegas Luxury Home now or later? A question of love and money…

Many of us have come to think of our Las Vegas Luxury Homes in purely financial terms. In the not too distant past, we tracked Home price appreciation almost as intently as day traders followed stock market indices. 

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Getting Pre-Approved for your Luxury Las Vegas Home!

The Luxury Home buying process is fraught with challenges which can lead to victory or frustration. I know I have said this before, but one piece of the process will help eliminate some of the frustration—a pre-approval letter

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The Popularity of Luxury Homes Las Vegas – Condos

Acquiring a Luxury Condo in Las Vegas entails a realization that this decision belongs to a seriously disputed area of Real Estate market. Therefore, there could be numerous things to consider before buying one. People are starting to be interested

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Living in Luxury Las Vegas – More Than Entertainment

Many people are perhaps curious about what life is in Las Vegas. They view the place more of an entertainment capital than a suitable location for a home. The Strip takes a big part in all of these; people

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