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5 Reasons Your Luxury Las Vegas Home Isn’t Selling

Is your LAS VEGAS LUXURY HOME for sale? There’s nothing more disheartening than listing your home and then waiting out the months for a reasonable offer. Before you blame the market conditions, first, make sure you rule out the following five reasons for why your home might not be selling.

1. The Price. Have you over-priced your home because you’re sentimental? You can’t put a value on the memory of your home. If you do, it’s going to be too much. Or maybe you’re expecting too much because you’re thinking about all the money you put into renovations over the years. Renovations help a home to sell, but you can’t expect 100 percent of your investment back.

2. Dated Design. Taste tends to vary. Maybe you invested thousands of dollars into a bathroom design during the 90s, but that style may not be attractive to today’s buyers. In fact, dated design can actually turn buyers away. Avoid décor that immediately dates your home. Avoid bold colors as well; neutral colors are more acceptable. If you want to attract potential homebuyers with your home’s design, then do a little research on current design trends to implement into your home.

3. Sub-Par Condition. Very few buyers are looking to invest money into a project. The last thing they want to do is pay more money for repairs and renovations. If your house looks like it’s in need of additional renovations, or it’s in a general state of disrepair, don’t expect multiple offers.

4. Location. The location can affect the sale of your home in several ways. If your home is in a poor location, such as near a freeway or an airport, you’re not going to get as much for it as you would if the house was in a desirable neighborhood. The value of the homes around your house can affect a sale as well. If the homes in your neighborhood are worth much less than your home, than they can decrease the value of your home.

5. Poor Advertising. The photos of your listed home need to be professional. Potential buyers aren’t going to bother checking out your home if the pictures of your living room depict a cluttered mess. The best photos are ones of the home’s features that are selling points, such as the custom-built breakfast nook or the organized mudroom. Make sure the photos are well lit—photos that are taken in low light or that are grainy and low quality won’t showcase your home properly.

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