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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe During Summer Vacation

Many homeowners spend their vacations worrying about all the things that could go wrong at home while they are away. These tips will help the vacationer get away from it all with more peace of mind.

Security Systems
A good security system isn’t cheap, but there are paybacks. Discounts, for instance, on home insurance premiums can be as much as 15%, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Some systems can detect burst pipes or gas leaks, which could alleviate some of the worry to a vacationer. While a home security system may not increase the actual market value of a home, it certainly boosts its appeal and intrinsic worth, and offers the homeowner year-round peace of mind.

Hire a House Sitter
Burglars look for easy targets, and a vacant home is more desirable to the thief than an occupied one. If a security system is out of reach, a house sitter can offer a lived-in look, and keep the pets fed and plants watered.

Timing is Everything
If a house sitter is out of the question, a homeowner can create the facade of being at home, or at least nearby. What makes a home appear to be occupied, if one doesn’t actually see people? Lights, sounds, movement, and maintenance. Much of this can be simulated with timers, which are available for all sorts of gadgets—indoor lights, televisions, sound systems, appliances, lawn sprinklers and more. Neighbors can help by parking in the driveway occasionally, and a local teen or a lawn service can be hired to maintain the yard.

The Mail Quandary
A pile of newspapers on the porch, a mailbox stuffed with mail—these are some of the signs thieves check for when casing a neighborhood, so arrange to have these services held. Fliers stuck in the door, or unexpected packages on the porch, however, can also alert thieves to a homeowner’s absence. Ask a neighbor or friend to remove these daily.

If the Worst Happens
Homeowners can make a home difficult to enter, should a thief decide to attempt it. Double-keyed deadbolts on doors and window locks increase entry time, and could persuade a burglar to give up. Motion sensors that switch on lights or activate radios, televisions or loud noises (such as a large, barking dog) can also be a deterrent.

Homeowners now have more opportunities than ever to protect their homes, but the homeowner’s primary asset for home safety remains, as it has been for ages, a good neighbor.

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